figuring your fee

So you've decided you are ready to embrace the fact that you're as much a business owner as you are a therapist. Maybe you still worry that your need to be financially solvent will turn you into an unethical, greedy monster (or a white male real estate mogul with a blond toupée?).

It won't. I promise you– it won't.

You want to build your practice and make it something that can financially sustain you. This is important when it comes to taking care of yourself! You may love the work, but it is still work. It is labor, it is time, it is consultation, it is your own therapy, it is continuing education, it is paying for the brick-and-mortar office. It is work.

So, what fee should you charge that is fair compensation for the work you do?

Well, that depends on how much money you need to make.

Check out this worksheet to help you figure out your fee:

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