Living With Grief: An 8-Week Group

This group is still seeking members! Please contact me today to reserve your spot.

A group to help you learn to live through, and with, grief. The group will be held every other Friday from 2-3:30pm in Berkeley, once we have a minimum of four committed members. The cost is $50/session with a minimum commitment of four sessions (two months).

This group is still seeking members for 2017. If you are interested in learning more and reserving your spot, please call 510-594-4035.

This group will focus on personalized ways to mourn the loss of loved ones, because everyone's grief process is different. It's so important to cultivate healing spaces where we can talk about our grief and loss, and we don't have as many spaces for this process as we might need. I'm also struck by how, once we have experienced loss, any new losses can feel like they're reopening old wounds. Divorce, separation, children leaving home, transitions to new jobs, friend separations, and pet loss can bring back old grief and pain.

Additionally, we live in a climate of violence. Having experienced the loss of a loved one can make us more attuned to grief and tragedy on a larger scale. Because of this, Living Through Grief will also make room for larger-scale experiences of grief, including sociopolitical, environmental, and cultural loss and interruption.

A specialty of mine is complicated grief and ambiguous loss. For example, grieving a parent who has died who was also abandoning, neglectful, emotionally abusive, or had an untreated mental illness. In addition, having parents who were inconsistent or unsupportive can make dealing with any kind of loss more challenging. Please call me for more information about complicated grief and ambiguous loss.

Send me an email at or call me at 510-594-4035 to learn more about the group and reserve your spot.