Have you ever heard of the term “radical self-love?” Body positive activists such as The Militant Baker and Sonya Renee Taylor have worked to teach people to shed internalized self-criticism and body shame through radically embracing your body at any size, shape, and ability. Size and ability do not determine worth. This may feel hard to believe, and you may feel overwhelmed by shame around your body. If that’s the case, you and I can work together to understand what’s blocking you, why it’s there, and what you can do to help yourself embrace the strength and beauty of your body.

As a feminist, I also believe that one’s body is one’s own. It is not the property of anyone else, and each person has the capacity to make decisions about and with their body that feels right to them. This includes sexual relationships, body modification, diet, adornment, and how and where one takes up space in society. Call me to talk more about this issue and how it feels important to you in your life.