do you need a self-care vacation- but want it to last?

join me on a self-care "staycation"!

While the idea of self-care is pretty, well, self-explanatory, the practice can become challenging to keep up. Cognitive expectations and old habits- including shame- can creep up and before you know it, your self-care ritual is something you "know about" and "used to do".

That's where this retreat comes in!

Join this small, intimate group in learning and practicing lasting ways to engage your body, mind, heart and spirit that help you recharge and care for your whole self.

And take home an abundance of goodies!

  • Experiential self-soothing exercises you can practice at home before the stress starts to get overwhelming
  • Fascial rolling and stretching taught by the wonderful Maggie Dill, to help you energize and connect to your body (and you even get to take home your own foam roller!)
  • Learn how to experience mindful eating so that you can really enjoy your food and your senses, and feel more connected to YOU and the choices you make
  • Guided imagery to help with emotional regulation and to help you de-stress (and you can have access to the recorded meditation to use anytime!)
  • Expressive arts and collage so you can visualize your intentions for future self-care, and to help you access your inner creative self

Join me for this five-hour workshop-- perfect for parents, folks in the healing and helping professions, students, and community activists!

Eventbrite - Self-Care Staycation: An East Bay Retreat

you will take home this bounty of gifts:

  • A recording of the guided meditation we'll use so that you can practice relaxation anytime

  • Your collage that represents your own inner wisdom

  • A foam roller and instructions on how to release body tension on a daily basis

  • A jar of relaxing epsom salt for a sweet foot or whole body bath

  • Methods of keeping up your self-care throughout the weeks and months to come

$210 for everyone!
(contact me if you need a sliding scale.)

CALL ME at 510-594-4035 or email me at for more details and to sign up! Limited to 12 participants. Registration closes 6/24/2015

Eventbrite - Self-Care Staycation: An East Bay Retreat