Psychotherapy For Youth and Adolescents

Being a young person in our culture brings a very particular set of challenges, particularly if you tend to feel somewhat (or very) different from those around you-- like what works for "most people" doesn't really fit for you.

Photo credit: Pexels

Photo credit: Pexels

Not everyone is the same, yet you might find yourself boxed in with prescribed methods of living that may not be what you might choose for yourself.

If you are a young person who is struggling to make sense of an often inconsistent, maybe frustrating, and sometimes challenging world, call me to find out how I can help you navigate some of the difficulties of school and shifting peer groups as you grow into yourself and your identity.

If you find yourself testing limits and boundaries, questioning your experience, or having difficulty communicating with others around you, you may be in the process of discovering your own edges-- and in doing so, yourself.

This is a particularly important time to develop an intuitive internal connection with yourself, which can strengthen your decision-making skills, self-confidence, and help you learn to make choices that are actually your own.

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