Clinical and Professional Consultation/Supervision

I provide consultation for therapists who are feeling stuck and challenged in the clinical work. It can be so helpful to invite another mind to think about your cases, and I offer an analytic and trauma-informed perspective to help you with projection, countertransference, and projective identification so you can expand and deepen your clinical thinking. Consultation can feel like breathing fresh air into your practice.

I also offer business and professional consultation for therapists considering starting a private practice, as well as for seasoned practitioners who want help making use of social media, marketing, and networking in a way that feels authentic and not "sales-y." I understand business development from a psychotherapist's point of view.

Over the past decade, I have built my private practice using multiple streams of income and without being paneled with managed care/health insurance. While there is no right way to build your practice, I can help you find what works for you and what doesn't, so you can spend your time focusing on what you love. I am always learning new ways to create a thriving business that supports a balanced life, and have many resources to refer you to.

If you are an intern and seeking supervision, I am a supervisor through CIIS, The Women's Therapy Center, and The Wright Institute. If you are interested in completing your hours with me in a private practice setting, contact me to find out whether I am taking on a private practice intern.

I am happy to provide online consultation or business coaching for licensed professionals via Doxyme if we are unable to meet in-person in my Berkeley office.