What Is Psychotherapy?


"All that you touch, you Change.
All that you Change, Changes you.
The only lasting truth is Change."
Octavia E Butler

Psychotherapy can help you change. But, change is not easy. You'll probably find things you've buried begin to make their way to the surface. You might feel things you haven't felt in a long time. You might feel things that hurt. And you might feel relief, hope, despair, frustration, and a lot of feelings you have pushed aside. Getting connected to what's going on inside of you can create opportunities to live a more authentic life, and become connected to your voice, your choice, and your passion.

Getting to know yourself through psychotherapy is rarely linear. We're working to deeply know the habits, patterns, and emotions that feel repetitive and limiting. This means you might stumble across things that you thought you'd "dealt with", and uncover more questions each time you dig a little deeper.

My specialties include:

  • Grief and loss, including complicated and ongoing grief
  • Taking the role of a "parentified child", or growing up too fast
  • Children of narcissistic or borderline parents
  • People with borderline traits themselves, including impulsivity and self-sabotage
  • Self-criticism and anxiety; social anxiety and intrusive thoughts
  • Unblocking creative limitations and freezes

I also specialize in helping you know yourself, deeply. You may not know what you want when you first start therapy. Self-discovery is kind of like looking up at the night sky. As your eyes start to slowly adjust, the stars seem to appear brighter and more numerous, and I think this is similar to what happens when you start to know yourself. There is more inside of you than you could possibly have imagined.  

"[We] contain multitudes."- Walt Whitman

We are complex beings, and therapy can help you find joy and power in your complexity.

I can be of best help to you when we meet one or more times per week, so that when we make discoveries together you're not left alone to feel and figure it out by yourself. We'll find a time that works for both of us, and meet regularly until you feel ready to stop.

Contact me for a free phone consultation: 510-594-4035