Testimonials From Colleagues

“Molly has been an incredible resource for me in the last year and a half. Getting to know her as a colleague, I have come to deeply trust her judgment, consultation, and intuition. The way she blends body focus with analytical thinking is highly effective in getting to the root of an issue. She also has a knack for putting people at ease. Whether you are looking for consultation or ongoing therapy, Molly can definitely help. I know she is confident helping individual adolescents, people who feel like outsiders, and those who are ready to do some profound transformation in their lives. Highly, highly recommended!!!

Natalie Spautz, MFT

"Molly is kind, warm and incredibly thoughtful. Her profound empathy allows her to see beyond the surface and accompany her clients into the heart of their struggles. Molly is both sensitive and edgy. As a therapist, she is adept at walking the line between firm accountability and an open-hearted embrace. She cares deeply about issues of social justice and will help you find acceptance both for yourself and for your place in the wider world. I highly recommend Molly for anyone who battles their internal critic and yearns to make a larger impact in the world."

Tiffany McLain, MFT

"I went to grad school (a high pressure, very taxing experience) with Molly when we were both therapists in training. Although that was a decade ago, I am still influenced by discussions we had back then - specifically by her sensitivity, intelligence, creativity and innate curiosity. She is naturally and experientially blessed with everything that makes someone an amazing therapist."

Laura Goodspeed, MFT